QRB week 3 excel assignment

Mathematics of Buying and Selling Exercises

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to provide students an opportunity to use Microsoft Excel® to practice the concepts of trade discounts, invoicing, markups, and markdowns.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Mathematics of Buying and Selling Exercises Excel® Template, Excel® 2016 Essential Training

Save the Mathematics of Buying and Selling Exercises Excel® Template to your computer.

Read the instructions on the first tab.

While the context may often make the results of the math clear, many times it does not. the number is just a number. To give that number meaning a report of findings is needed. Starting this week a short sentence or two to put your answer into context is going to be required also. For example, if the problem asked to calculate the percentage change in a price you would write “The percentage change in the price is XX%”. this give meaning to the number and makes the results clear.

Complete the ten exercises located in the template.

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