Problem Solving Interview Question, law homework help

Respond to this typical interview question: Explain a specific example in which you utilized problem solving strategies to resolve a problem in the real world.

Provide your feedback from the perspective of an interview coach to at least three (3) of your classmates.


There are many challenges that someone may find themselves facing in the real world. One way that I utilized problem solving skills to resolve a problem in the real worl was in relation to my divorce and child custody schedule. I knew that being divorced would cause me to have more bills and have to work even harder. However, I did not want that hard work to stop me from regularly seeing my kids and having meaningful times with them. Therefore, once the custody schedule was agreed on, I put together a plan that included asking family to help one day (grandparents who want to see the kids as much as possible), creating a work schedule to see clients that allowed me to work early some days and late on other days so that I could always be on time and to create a weekend schedule that allowed me to devote my time to the kids when they are with me on the weekends and devote myself to working hard on the weekends when they were not with me. Analyzing this problem and creating solutions that were good for all involved allowed me to have a great work / family balance.

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