Management Policy

the University of the Virgin Islands School of Business as a business entity,
the student interpreted the School of Business strategic plan and other given School of Business strategically relevant
documents, applied each element of the Hunger Wheelen Strategic
Management Model to assess the School of Business’s strategic situation and

1.Need a thorough analysis and application of the Hunger Wheelen model of
Strategic Management to The University of the Virgin Islands School of Business,
as conceptualized as a business entity itself.

2.Study this model well, notice and interpret, use the
following information in your Mid-Term case analysis:

a.The Value Chain Model is placed within the Strategy Implementation
Section (appropriately, since the Value Chain represents a business that is

b.The list of competencies, capabilities and resource types comprising the
Internal Environment of a business and which are, of course, operating within
the Strategy Implementation phase of a business (hence, above that section).

c.The Balanced Scorecard image in the Evaluation and Control section.

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