Knowing your customers. this is a marketing discussion board regarding Dell computers.

This discussion focuses on the material in Module 3. You will use the example of Dell in Unit 1 page 8. We will be analyzing three different customer groups for Dell: individual consumers, small businesses (employees 100 or less), and a global organization (employees 5,000 or more). Pretend you are the marketing manager for Dell. Using the concepts from Units 1-3, answer each question below:

Question 1. Develop an ideal customer profile for each of the three Dell customer groups. Go beyond demographics!

Question 2. Develop a buyer persona for Dell’s small business customer. Follow the examples provided in Unit 3. Remember that this is a ‘business’ customer.

Question 3. For the global organization customer profile, propose (and explain why) effective touch points for each of the 3 stages of the customer’s decision-making process: awareness, consideration and decision. You can use Unit 1, pages 5 and 6 to guide you. The goal is to describe the touch points (interactions) that would generate the greatest value to the customer and to Dell. Keep in mind that each of these interactions costs Dell money so you want to get the biggest return on your marketing investment.

Question 4. How can Dell ‘identify’ or recognize the individual consumer each time the customer comes into contact with Dell? What unique identifier can Dell use (Module 3 Unit 3, pages 8-9)?

Question 5. How can Dell ‘hear’ the voice of the individual consumer? What do they do with what they learn about this customer group? See Module 3, Unit 2, pages 8-10.

Question 6. What did you learn from Module 3 that you had not heard of before? What questions do you have about the information in this module?

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