Just war doctrine

The Just War Doctrine as we currently know it has undergone some criticism in recent years as a dated theory with little utility in this day and age. This week I’d like you to consider some hard questions that have been raised by Kenneth Himes and Jeff McMahan about Just War.

In your collaborative discussions with your peers this week I’d like for you to discuss the relevancy of the just war doctrine. Is the language of the doctrine still relevant in today’s world? Can war ever be justified? If so under what circumstances? Is our current perspective on the “justness” of war gendered, and if so in what ways? How might this be addressed moving forward? Finally, rather than a “Just War” doctrine, what might a doctrine look like that emphasizes peacemaking and peacebuilding?

Please be sure you back up your responses with reference to the peer-reviewed literature.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 300 words.


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