History 1301

Your post should have between 100 and 300 words and be written in paragraph format; however, it is not merely the number of words that you write, but rather, the content in your post, that will determine your grade. Also, I grade for grammar and coherence.

  • Discuss the impact of nineteenth-century northern economic and social change on the issue of sectionalism. How did the construction of transportation networks during the nineteenth century promote a mutually beneficial, interdependent economic relationship between the Northeast and Northwest to the virtual exclusion of the South? How would industrialization, urbanization, and immigration
    impact the northern political agenda for the remainder of the nineteenth century?
  • What choices did the justices face during the Plessy v. Ferguson case? Explain your answer in detail.

NOTE: These are 2 questions from different assignments, so they do not relate to each other. No need to write too long, but not less than 100 and be logic and acceptable with research.

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