Future of Society

This is three questions answer, answer it with one paragraph each.

1. Sociologist Georg Simmel wrote about the loss of sociability in cities. What does he mean by ‘sociability’ and how does this happen today? Draw on Simmel’s concept of the blasé attitude in your answer.

2. Outline the social problems which emerged in the new suburbs of the 1950s.

3. Critics of urbans sprawl and gentrification claim that community is transformed and eroded by these forms of development. Explain this argument and whether you agree or disagree with the position.

4. Education has often been promoted as a social equalizer but many sociologists claim that it contributes to the transmission of inequality. What evidence or examples can you cite to support either one of these claims?

5. Aging is a biological reality, yet it also has social, cultural and economic consequences. Explain some of the challenges aging populations in the US will present for individuals, families and broader society. 6. Using examples, explain the relationship between political affiliation, geography, religion and socio-economic position in the US today.

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