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In one particular case, a 13-year old patient was seen for
trauma care by the UCCO Emergency Clinic. The patient’s parents make it clear
to the staff that they are not willing to give consent to any procedure
involving blood products or transfusion. The risks are explained to the
parents. The patient arrived unconscious but shortly regains consciousness.
After the parents leave the room, the patient tells the nurse that she is
afraid of dying and would like any care, including blood procedures and
products, to save her life. The nurse later finds out that the rejection by the
parents was due to religious reasons. The nurse quickly discusses the case with
fellow employees, one of which posts comments on her social media page using a
clinic-owned computer. The nursing director give a verbal warning to all
involved nurses and staff.

Using your research, address the following points in a
minimum of 3-page report:

•Was the nursing manager legally compliant with to protect
patient information? Explain the legal risks and support with federal
legislations and professional expectations, such as HIPAA and professional
codes of ethics.

•What bearing does the age and religious requests have on
the patient’s case? Are there medical and ethical laws that supersede the
parent’s requests?

•What is the role and importance of communication among UCCO
facilities, particularly in reference to compliance and ethical standards?

•What are the ethical and professional factors of using
social media?

•Were the reactions to the patient’s case illegal, or just
unethical? How does this align with UCCO’s mission, values, and strategic
action plans? How does it compare to your own personal beliefs and values?

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