Answer the following two Job Interview questions


Review the “Was it Something I Said?” packet. Answer the following two interview questions (1 traditional interview question and 1 BEI question.) Use the STAR format to respond to the BEI question.

1.Traditional Question:

What are three of your strengths that you bring to the job?

(TIPS FOR ANSWERING: A. You will need to provide a concrete example for each strength. The interviewer will only believe you if you have some “proof” of your skill!;B. Choose strengths that are RELEVANT to a job you might want. )


Interview Response:

2.BEI Question:

Tell me about the most challenging work situation you ever faced. (Use the STAR method to answer.)
(Note you MUST include at least two (2) sentences per section. You will want more than two for the Action section.)


2. Task:

3.Action (NOTE: This should be the longest, most detailed part of the story!):



( You may need to see the attached filed before answering any of the questions)

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