Religion Essay

In approximately 1000 words, answer any ONE of the following:

1) Using the articles by Leo Steinberg from Weeks Four and Eight, analyze the ways in which Christian

theology informs Renaissance painting and sculpture in the depiction of Jesus Christ. Make sure to use

Steinberg’s essay in The Reader, pp. 73–80, from Week Four.

Submission of Assignments

1) All written work is to be uploaded as a Word document or RTF file on Blackboard. Please note that the

document should be named in the following manner: Yourlastname_Midterm Essay, i.e. if the

participant’s last name is “Irani,” the file should be named: Irani_Midterm Essay.

2) All assignments should be formatted in a double-spaced, standard 12-point font, such as Times New

Roman, with one-inch margins.

3) The word count should be provided at the end of the paper.

4) All assignments will be screened via SafeAssign—Blackboard’s plagiarism detection tool.

5) Please refer to the grading rubric below to understand my criteria for good writing.

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