painting analisis – Ginevra de’ Benci 3-4 pages

you will need to cover the following.

1- First Impressions:

  • How is your object displayed? What other objects are they near to, and why?
  • What do you see? This is an important question to ask yourself before you read the object label. Your first impressions might change once you have read about the work, and the connections or changes you make between your initial impressions and later conclusions can form an interesting part of your paper.

2- Form:

  • Note textures and the quality of the surface of the work. What adjectives could you use throughout your analysis? Eg. shiny, dull, had, soft, rough, smooth.
  • How does the artist use line, color, light and shadow?
  • What about the composition? Is it balanced, symmetrical, asymmetrical? Why?
  • How big is the work?How does size affect your reaction to the work?How does size affect the depiction of the subject?

3- Context:

  • Read the label – what can we tell from the label? Look for the artist’s name, the media/materials used in creating the work, and when and where the piece was made.
  • Where was the work originally meant to have been seen, and how might the current context in the museum be similar or different? What might it have been like to view the work in its original context? (You may or may not know the answer to these questions from wall text. Here is where you might need to refer to the textbook or outside research for its historical context.)
  • Where is the viewer meant to stand in relation to the work? Is there one viewpoint or multiple viewing points?
  • Identify the subject matter. Is it representational? Is it non-representational? Is it abstract? Be certain to describe all of the components depicted. Is this artwork telling a story? Is it religious or mythological?

4- In-Depth:

  • Is the subject ideal or real? Describe the style.Is this a realistic depiction?Is it abstract?Is the style of this work similar to styles we have studied?
  • You have identified the material(s) used from the object label. Why might the artist have used this material?
  • What do you think the artist or the patron of the work was trying to say about his or her subject?
  • Where is this work located? What other works are near it to the right and to the left (brief details/comparisons, not a full analysis). Does it relate to its surroundings at all?
  • Look around the gallery. Are there other wall texts or information points that might help you think about your object further? Look for leaflets, plaques on the wall to find out who sponsored the gallery, museum guards, docents etc. You can also use the museum’s website to find more information.

5- Personal Response:

  • Describe why you selected this work.What do you like/dislike about it?
  • Is this work popular? Do other people stop and look at it? What are some of the reactions you overhear?
  • This should not be the bulk of your write-up.

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