nurs powerpoint week 10

  • The focus is educating and empowering “your target population” – your whole
  • However, you will incorporate principles from the course based on what you have learned to guide in your preparation and the choice of what to include.You should be able to tie each slide in with your objectives and goals, as well as empowerment and selfcare (with your identified PAM level).
  • Use the audio and video features only (no text) in VoiceThread, for your actual presentation as you would if you were presenting in person to your target population at a health fair.
  • Explaining why you included things and how each slide ties in with the course will NOT be included in your initial presentation portion, but rather in the slides following the reference slide, which will be part of your peer discussion.
  • Keep in mind the health literacy of your target population when preparing slides.Use simple to understand words, keep phrases short, explain any medical terms
  • Slides: bullet points with main ideas – no complete sentences.You can give fuller explanation with the audio or video components.
  • Things to include in your presentation:
    • Title slide with topic title, name school, course (1 slide) o Introduction (3-5 slides)

    VoiceThread before your reference slide should be educational for your target population, NOT discussing content from the course

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