Leaders that create their vision for an organization they must consider the purpose, writing homework help

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“ Leaders that create their vision for an organization they must consider the purpose, the future, and have clear values. According to Grand Canyon University (2012), the purpose describes the existence and value of the organization, and if the leader lives according to the purpose, it provides a roadmap for the future, and clear values provide a guideline to reach the purpose and the picture of the future. A primary role of leadership is communicating their vision to employees and other stakeholders, and for the vision to be effective, the stakeholders should help in preparing that vision (Grand Canyon University, 2012). Leaders must revisit their vision on a regular basis, and change it as the organization implements change (Grand Canyon University, 2012). The vision statement that gives that “wow” moment is Henry Fords from 1903, which states, “I will build a motor car for the multitude. It shall be large enough for the family, but small enough for the unskilled individual to operate easily and care for, and it shall be light in weight and it may be economical in maintenance. It will be built of honest materials, by the best workmen that money can hire, after the simplest designs that modern engineering can devise. But it shall be so low in price that the man of moderate means may own one and enjoy with his family the blessing of happy hours spent in God’s great open spaces.” Ford’s vison incorporated individuals from all lifestyles, and he wanted to produce cars that everyone could afford and enjoy.



Grand Canyon University. (2012). Vision and Ethics. Retrieved from https://lc-grad3.gcu.edu/learningPlatform/user/users.html?operation=loggedIn#/learningPlatform/loudBooks/loudbooks.html?viewPage=current&operation=innerPage&currentTopicname=Vision and Ethics&topicMaterialId=f8d3f539-0787-48dc-8f5e-4fbe4d39d8cb&contentId=4a289c4c-1def-4e4c-9695-e7653df605f5&”

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