BCJ 598 California Coast University Criminal Justice Exam Questions



Rev. 07/2018

Unit Exam 1
Exam ID: 54608553-13d3-46d4-a56b-5319e5797a37

Part 1
Program Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of this program, students
will be able to:

Analyze the theoretical foundation of the study of crime and criminology based
on research in the areas of law, public policy, and the philosophical origins of

Examine the history of drugs in the U.S., the integral role of race in the creation
of drug laws, the elaboration of the global trade in drugs, the U.S. drug control
policies and the impact of the U.S. drug war on international relations.

Analyze the domestic and international threat of terrorism and the basic security
issues surrounding terrorism today.

Evaluate strategies for refining law enforcement attitudes, behaviors, methods
and tools for social advancement, community betterment and conflict reduction
in relation to multicultural issues in law enforcement.

Examine theoretical perspectives with a view to understanding the relationships
between various institutions and the administration of justice.

Express key concepts and theories related to criminal justice, in written form,
utilizing prescribed essay criteria.

Why did you choose this major? Do you think
the program objectives listed above fit the program you completed? Why or why
not? Why is criminal justice an important field of study? Discuss some
applications for this major?

Part 2

1. You completed 13 courses for your masters degree program:
Choose and list at least three of the courses you completed and discuss some
of the key things you learned that were particularly interesting and/or useful for
2. Discuss why you found this information to be interesting or useful.
How have you or will you apply some of what you learned from these
particular courses

Part 3

1. A coworker or friend asks you about your educational program:
1. How would you describe your program to this person?
Discuss the type of student who would most benefit from this program and
Discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program and ways you
would improve the program.

Part 4

1. When you review your entire educational program at CCU:
In what ways has this program been useful for you

professionally and
In what ways do you think this program will help you in the future both
professionally and personally?
Discuss the value of lifelong learning and how it applies to you both
professionally and personally.

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