Pima Medical Institute Tucson CMS1500 Claim Form Submission Process Paper


Write a 2 pages paper   about the CMS1500 claim form and the claims submission process.

Include the following:

1. An explanation of what the CMS1500 is and what it is used for.

2. Important dates and events in the creation and revision of the form.

  • What version of the CMS-1500 became effective 1 October 2014?
  • What were the major revisions on the CMS-1500 (08-05) version?

3. A description of the organization that developed the form.

4. A brief explanation of the claims process.

5. Definitions of the following terms, along with an example of each.

  • Clean claim
  • Rejected claim
  • Pending claim
  • Incomplete claim
  • Invalid claim
  • Dirty claim
  • Deleted claim

6. A short description of the necessary components of a successful claim. Include discussion of demographics, authorizations, and clinical documentation.  

Provide citations for any resources used to find information for your paper.



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