Topic: Reflection

As this course wraps up, take a moment to examine each of the course outcomes.

  • MN610-1: Demonstrate emergent clinical reasoning skill in evaluating, planning and implementing care across gender and age span in a culturally competent manner for patients experiencing acute and chronic disease processes.
  • MN610-2: In conjunction with the preceptor, order and interpret diagnostic tests and prescribe medications.
  • MN610-3: Employ the concepts of health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration, and health teaching when treating adults.
  • MN610-4: Incorporate clients’ cultural preferences, health beliefs, spiritual beliefs, behaviors, and traditional practices into the individualized management plan.
  • MN610-5: Develop written and oral communication skills for conveying care related data to the interprofessional team.

Discuss how you met the course outcomes for this course by providing an example for each one.

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