DDHA 8600 Walden Legislative Regulatory Actions for Healthcare Expenditures Discussion


How might legislative and regulatory actions affect healthcare expenditures?

It may come as no surprise that the rising costs of healthcare from both a provider and consumer perspective, remain a major challenge in the U.S. healthcare system. While healthcare costs from a consumer perspective may have been temporarily alleviated with the implementation of the PPACA, providers still face many challenges when delivering effective and quality healthcare services to their patients. How might healthcare leaders streamline healthcare delivery costs without compromising the quality of healthcare delivered?

For this Discussion, review the resources for the week. Consider how legislative and/or regulatory actions may affect healthcare expenditures for HSOs. Reflect on how legislation or regulatory actions may differ at the state and federal level.

Post an explanation of what additional legislative and/or regulatory actions might be taken to limit increases in healthcare expenditures at the state and federal level. Be specific and provide examples.

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