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Question 2

This week? readings discuss ?eam thinking· Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015) in the 3nd edition of their book discuss Bensimon and Neumann? eight roles that people can fulfill in team thinking to make the ?eam think·effective.

Bensimon and Neumann identified the following eight team thinking roles:

1. The definer (voices and creates the team? reality)

2. The analyst (assesses all of the parts of the issue)

3. The interpreter (provides insight on how team members perceive outcomes)

4. The critic (redefines, reanalyzes and reinterprets)

5. The synthesizer (elicits all thinking perspectives and helps provide linkages for solutions)

6. The disparity monitor (assesses how team members perceive outcomes)

7. The task monitor (removes obstacles to team thinking and facilitates the teamwork)

8. The emotional monitor (address the human, personal, and emotional aspects of team thinking during the thinking process.

  • Choose two of the roles and share an example from your nursing practice of someone fulfilling the roles.
  • Why is this role necessary in order for the team thinking process to go smoothly?
  • How do other members of the team perceive this person? role?

Please do not include names in your discussion.

Please support your initial discussion and opinions with at least two citations from the assigned readings, or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature.

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