South University 60 Year-Old Woman with Chest Pain Case Discussion


This week, complete the Aquifer case titled ·a rel=”noopener” href=”” target=”_blank”>Internal Medicine 02: 60-year-old woman with chest pain·/p>

Apply information from the Aquifer Case Study to answer the following discussion questions:

  • Discuss the history of present illness that you would take on this
    patient in preparation for the clinic visit. Include questions regarding
    Onset, Location, Duration, Characteristics, Aggravating Factors,
    Relieving Factors, Treatment, Severity (OLDCARTS).
  • Describe the physical exam and diagnostic tools to be used for Ms.
    Johnston. Are there any additional you would have liked to be included
    that were not?
  • What plan of care will Ms. Johnston be given at this visit; what is the patient education and follow-up?

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