Rasmussen College Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Paper



Integrate leadership and management principles with knowledge of healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory guidelines to enhance quality care and patient safety while functioning within legal and ethical parameters of professional nursing.


You were recently promoted to the position of Director of the Medical Surgical unit at your local hospital. You just finished meeting with a group of Directors who were discussing the Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) rates. Your unit? CAUTI rate has not decreased since the implementation of a new policy over a year ago. Financial repercussions of the high CAUTI rate cannot continue. You have been given the task of reviewing the policy and creating a SWOT Analysis, offering recommendations for change.


Integrating principles of leadership and management, create a SWOT Analysis of the policy linked here . In the SWOT Analysis, include the following:

  • S: Strengths of policy
    • Choose strengths/positive aspects of the policy, including regulatory guidelines.
    • Support choice of strengths with current literature.
    • Strengths are analyzed completely and are proven with current literature.
  • W: Weaknesses of policy
    • Choose weaknesses/concerns of the policy related to regulatory guidelines.
    • Include weaknesses/concerns of the policy related to financial guidelines.
    • Support choice of weaknesses, proven with current literature.
  • O: Opportunities
    • Include opportunities for growth or improvement of the policy.
    • Include perceived opportunities for financial, legal, ethical, quality and safety.
    • Analyze opportunities proven with current literature.
  • T: Threats
    • Include perceived threats to financial, legal, ethical, quality and safety.
    • Support choice of threats proven with current literature.
  • Propose clearly stated and concise recommendations for change.
  • Include descriptions of necessary actions.
  • Use evidence to support your recommendations. Recommendations should be fully developed and have strong evidence for support.

Be sure to use professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

The link above is the SWOT Policy to be analyzed and reviewed.

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