Excelsior College Ethics and Patient Information Questions

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Part I: Patient Information

In your opinion.

  • How much information should a healthcare professional document in a patient? medical record? An extensive amount? The bare minimum? Explain how you? determine what amount of documentation should be included in a patient? medical record.

Part II: Ethics and Patient Information

Apply what you know.

In our discussion this week, instead of viewing an ethical dilemma selected for our discussion, you will be asked to locate an episode of a popular medical show, a segment of which illustrates an ethical dilemma relating to medical records, EMRs, or medical technologies. If you do not have access to medical shows or would prefer, you can select a newspaper article which describes the ethical dilemma or a scene from a popular movie showing the ethical dilemma.

In your initial post, you will describe the scenario selected and apply the below questions to your scenario, starting with the first question:

I?l guide us through. We will discuss the questions as a group, starting with the first question:

  1. Describe your chosen scenario in detail. What are the ethical dilemmas presented in this scenario?
  2. Who are the stakeholders? Remember to consider individuals, families, communities, and organizations in your answer.
  3. What would your recommendations be to address the ethical dilemmas that you have identified. Consider and include each applicable component below in your response:
    • Ethical principles
    • Ethical theories
    • PYTHON principle
    • Six step process (Doherty & Purtilo) for ethical decision-making
    • Federal or state laws which may apply

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