understanding the context of information management


This Module: Week increases our understanding of the current state of IM and IT; shifts our
focus to some of the leading-edge applications of IM/IT in public sector services; and triggers
thinking about how we can optimally engage IM/IT stakeholders to enhance public policy and
This paper focuses on the stakeholders in public sector information management?who are they,
what are their roles and impacts, and why is each important to me as a public servant or citizen?
It consists of 3 parts (below) plus an introduction and references sections. To make it easier for
readers to follow your thinking, please discuss the topics in the order presented below, with
appropriate heading.
? 8 ? 10 pages of content, double-spaced
? Current APA format
? Must include citations from all readings, videos, and presentations for the assigned Module:
Week plus additional, relevant scholarly articles (published within the last five years) you
select?for a total of 12 ? 15 sources.
Please discuss the following:
? Part 1:  Who are the major stakeholders in public sector IM and IT in general and specifically
where you work now (or will work in the future)?
? Part 2:  Why are those stakeholders critical to your ?success? or effectiveness in your public
service (current or future)?
? Part 3:  How are (or will) you engage those stakeholders, earn their trust, build your
credibility, and collaborate with them to enhance public sector services where you work now
(or may work in the future)?
Synthesize the above with a Biblical model or principles of government and statesmanship that
should guide our use of technologies and information.  

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