UDC Agile versus Waterfall Project Management Methods Paper


Assume that you have been assigned a project, and you have chosen to manage it using the Agile method. Your boss does not know waterfall or Agile project management methods well and wants you to explain the impact of managing a project using both methods. Based on your knowledge of project management history, modern project management, project management selection strategies, and project management methods (such as waterfall and Agile and when each should be selected and why), you are asked to answer the following questions:

  • Why did you select Agile over waterfall?
  • How is managing each of the following in the project life cycle similar to or different in Agile versus waterfall:
    • Scope management
    • Communications management
    • Stakeholder management
  • What risks come with Agile that are not in waterfall?

Provide a relevant one on your own?and write an outline highlighting the project management approach you are recommending, the method you are recommending, and the reason(s) you selected the method. Be sure to start with a summary of your Key Assignment (the project scenario).

  • Explain how this approach will help you deliver the project successfully.
  • If your chosen method was Agile or one of the Agile methods, explain the following:
    • How will you go about managing the customer involvement?
    • How will you plan, monitor, and control risk, cost, resources, and the project schedule?
    • How is project leadership different here than in the other methods?
  • If you chose waterfall or another method, be sure to explain the following:
    • Why did you not find Agile or the Agile methods beneficial in this case?
    • How will you plan, monitor, and control risk, cost, resources, and the project schedule?

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