St Petersburg College Basic Personality Essay


Compose a personal essay (450-500 words), thoughtfully reflecting on the ways in which your personality and EI shape your inter-personal and management/leadership communications (project to the future if you haven?t been a manager yet). Your essay should show that you?ve completed the assessments and all the readings/video, so be sure to discuss your results (list your EI score, etc) and tie your reflection to the course concepts revealed in the course materials. In a personal essay, you use the first person ?I? point of view. The tone should be less formal than an academic paper, but you should still cite and reference sources. Areas to consider:

  • Your strengths and areas that need more development (focus is on communication)
  • Examples of your EI (or lack thereof, or both) in the workplace
  • Barriers that hinder your professional communication effectiveness
  • Plan for enhancing your professional communication effectiveness

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