Module 2 Application Activity


These will require both research and critical thinking. Be sure to document any sources used (I don’t care about any particular format on citing sources; just make sure I can find the exact information that you used). At least two sources other than your textbook need to be utilized on each assignment. Please be aware that you will submit the assignments through Turnitin (software to prevent against plagiarism).

Robert Sloan has only been on the job as the Accounting Manager for a few weeks, and he has a difficult situation arise in his department.  Mildred Hanover, one of Robert’s Accounting Clerks, was involved in a serious automobile accident.  You will need to work with Robert on how to handle this situation in regards to FMLA and potential ADA issues.

When Robert hears about the accident, he doesn’t know what to do so he calls you.  Be sure to give him some general advice on how a supervisor should handle this type of situation.  Be sure to explain the Family Medical Leave Act and what it does for Mildred.

After a few weeks, Mildred is still in the hospital.  Robert asks about replacing her position.  What do you tell him?  What types of options are available?

  1. It has now been three months and Mildred has still not been able to return to work, but she is recovering fairly well.  Robert again asks about replacing her position.  What is your response?  How does the ADA factor into this issue?
  2. Mildred eventually returns to work (after 15 weeks) on light duty.  Her most serious injury was to her back, and the injury requires her to take frequent breaks from sitting at her desk.  Give Robert some advice on dealing with this accommodation. 
  3. It’s now been a couple of months since Mildred returned to work, and she is struggling to keep up with her job responsibilities.  Robert comes to you for advice on whether he can address the issues with her.  How do her injuries factor into this conversation?  

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