MAN 4701 Florida SouthWestern State College Personal Ethics Discussion


Personal Ethics Discussion 1: Initial post due earlier than reply (see course welcome announcement)

Note:  (Initial post is due before reply to classmate-see course welcome announcement for details).  

You must submit your initial post first before you can view and reply to others’ posts.

Draw from Chapter 1 and cite your textbook at least once and one outside research article–so 2 citations required for the initial post).

You can use first-person for this discussion. 

Break your post into two or three paragraphs so it is not one long paragraph.

Assignment questions:  200 (Two Hundred) word count minimum for initial post:

1. How would you describe your personal ethics? How is that different than your business ethics? 

2. Describe some of the major influences in your life that contributed to your ethics and value system.  

3. Do you think ‘greed is good’?  Can a free market economic system survive without greed? 

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