Community Preparedness for Disaster Management Annotated Bibliography



Select a knowledge gap identified in your analysis and evaluation (?what?s next?) that interests you and is amenable to empirical research. This topic will be the focus of your practice research proposal for the balance of the term.

(Define as clearly as possible your Disaster or Emergency Management (defined in Foundations) topic area, specific question or research problem, you might try to answer with your research proposal. These few areas for fertile investigation should result from the refinement of your current review of the literature and life experience. Make them as specific as possible (small, narrow-focused, issues have the best chance of success).)

Submit your topic to the link, with a copy of your initial annotated bibliography (5 articles) and literature search output, by Wednesday 23:59 of week 4
(29 January 2020)

The research questions that you can define as the foundation of your research proposal must be Disaster or Emergency Management related, be of importance to the body of knowledge of the discipline, have a measurable output, and be capable of completion within a two (2) year time frame.


my research is community preparedness for disaster management

please set the research question & problem and find 5 peer review articles to write annotated bibliography,

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