case study titled ?Planned Change at The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority?


Critically discuss the organizational development process at San Diego Airport and describe its stages. (3 marks)

Which model of planned change has been used in the case of San Diego airport from your point of view? If you were the person in charge, which model of change would you choose? and why? (3 marks) 

  • Discuss the main challenges faced by the transition team during the planning and implementation phases. (2 marks)
  • Discuss the key success factors that played a major role in accomplishing the task in your opinion. (2 marks)
  • Discuss the impact of the change on the overall performance of the Airport. (2 marks) 
  • Critically evaluate the change process and if you were the consultant what would you have done differently? (3 marks)
  • Notes:  
  • It is always better to include the terminology developed in the course of Organization Design and Development in your answers. 

You MUST include at least 5 outside references (other than the slides and textbook) using a proper referencing style (APA).

Using references from SDL will be highly valued.

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