TUOTRGV Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix Question


Develop a Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix for your company.

You need to know how a QSPM works.

The company is Office Depot. 

Everything is provided. You will essentially just be assigning an attractive score. From there the TAS will automatically be filled through the formula. 

The answer should simply be a table or spreadsheet. I have provided all the other information.

I have provided what the final table should look like. The final product should look exactly like these tables, but with the AS and TAS filled in with numbers. All strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats must stay. 

Your main task is to assign the attractiveness scores based on improving the company and its strategies. 

Step 1: You will need to choose the two strategies for the top row of the QPSM. The options for the first strategy are either 1. Increase online and curbside promotional offers to increase total sales or 2. Expanding physical and mobile stores internationally. (CHOOSE ONLY 1).

The second strategy is automatically “Prophlatically close stores and redirect revenue to online retail.”

Step 2: The weights I’ve already provided for each. Use weights I provided in the example tables.

Step 3: Most important step. DETERMINE THE ATTRACTIVENESS SCORES (AS), defined as numerical values that indicate the relative attractiveness of each strategy considering a single external or internal factor. 

Step 4: With the use of a simple formula in the tabel The TAS should be calculated by multiplying the weight by the AS

Step 5: COMPUTE THE SUM TOTAL ATTRACTIVENESS SCORE. Add TAS in each strategy column of the QSPM. 

FYI the #REF on the table screenshot should be “Experienced workforce”

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