Project Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography


To prepare for this Capstone Project Assignment:  Review Chapter 6, “Citing Books and Other Separately Published Materials” in the course text, Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students. This chapter will help you reference in APA as you develop your Bibliography (which will inform your literature review later in the course).Review the online articles listed in the Learning Resources and pay special attention to the articles in the Walden Writing Center for tips and extended explanations on how to organize a reference list.Investigate literature from a variety of sources, such as the Walden Library, books, professional magazines, and newspapers for insights that describe and support your Capstone Project topic.What scholarly knowledge is available that has produced insights into your Capstone Project topic?What other knowledge or knowledge formations are available that have produced insights into your Capstone Project topic?             To complete this Project Assignment:    Create an Annotated Bibliography of 8?12 resources you      are considering for your Mini Literature Review.   Each reference (APA formatted) should be followed by      two paragraphs; a summary of the article and the rationale for using this      specific reference to address requirements for your final project (see Project Template for the requirements). The purpose of the annotation is      to inform the reader of the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the      resource to the topic.   The resources for your Annotated Bibliography need to      address your health or healthcare topic and the Program Learning Outcomes.      For example, you could search for ?HIV? (a possible topic) AND ?program      planning? (a Program Learning Outcome) to find articles on both.   You should have at least one resource for each      Program Learning Outcome. 

?Explain your topic and the rationale for your project.

?Provide a few researched facts about your chosen healthcare issue.

?Specifically discuss how it impacts the context and quality of healthcare delivery inside and outside of the United States.

?How does this health issue transcend borders? In other words, explain how this issue impacts the global society?not just your local community, state, or country.

?Make sure that all data and research are properly cited within your PowerPoint slides. 

this is what I submit in week 1 as proposal for topic, In 2016, 41 million children suffered from child obesity.  This represents 18% increase in obesity rates in children. Children Obesity is a rising health issue in middle- and low-income population, and not only in rich populations. This health issue is affecting the more vulnerable population due to the limited choices of food available with the low income and their environment. Children obesity may lead to obesity in adulthood along with many diseases and even premature death and disability. Children obesity is also associated with diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, and depression. This health issue is not only due to the fact the caloric intake is more than caloric expenditure by the body, it?s also due to high fat content of food, low physical activity, food processing, socio-economic status, availability of nutritional and health food options, culture, environmental, and many more factors. ReferencesWorld Health Organization. (2018). Obesity and Overweight. Retrieved from

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