Troy University Environmental Integrity of Carbon Offsets Questions


Oxford dictionary defines culture as ?The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.? Each society, country, and culture have numerous nuances that can be difficult for the others to understand.  

Managers in today?s multicultural global environment constantly encounter cultural differences, which may create barriers in communication and eventually lead to business failures. To become a successful global manager, you need to equip yourself with necessary knowledge to develop your culture competence.    

For years, scholars have been studying country cultures. Several theories were developed, such as Geert Hofstede?s culture dimensions and Edward T. Hall?s cross-culture theory

Your task is to utilize Hofstede?s website at (Links to an external site.) to identify the scores for the six cultural dimensions of your home country. Then, choose another foreign country of your interest and compare the cultural dimensions of your select country to those of your home country.

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