Module 06: Navigating Change Through Formal Structures and Systems MGT-521


Systems and structures (12 points)

Systems and structures can influence change initiatives and the organization?s strategy and culture as a whole. It is critical that the proper structures are created, which are aligned with the organization?s strategy and culture. For the purpose of this discussion, please do the following:

Think of a change you are familiar with.

  1. Share the type of organization structure in the organization.
  2. Discuss how the existing structures and systems affected the ability of the change leader to bring about the desired change? Were any systems changed to prepare for the change?  Detail the systems/structures that were involved?
  3. How did formal and informal systems and structures influence the success or challenges in this change?
  4. Did the organizational structures and systems reduce or increase the uncertainty and complexity of the change in the organization?

Structures and systems are utilized so that an organization operates in a specific and routine manner. Leaders and managers create these structures and systems to control the actions of their subordinates and to ensure that the work to be done is accomplished efficiently and effectively. Because structures and systems were created to establish routine and continuity, changing these can be challenging. As we examine how to modify these systems to reflect the changing ambitions of an organization, reflect upon the difficulty leaders and managers confront in changing the status quo and how ingrained systems can significantly impede even the best of intentions. This week, you have a Discussion Question. Participating will enhance your understanding of this week?s material.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine how formal organizational structures and systems can foster, impair, and facilitate the change process.
  2. Evaluate adaptive organizational structures and systems to increase the likelihood of change and continuous improvement.



Chapter 5 in Organizational Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit

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