Lewis University The Case of Missing Time Discussion


Briefly summarize the case (documents attached with post) and answer the following questions: 

what was the case was about? The case will relate directly to the chapter it follows This question relates to understanding, in general, the purpose of the case and how it relates to the chapter. (I,e, To improve learning about what?.) Answering this question in the case analysis is worth 2 points.

In the summary, you identify the key issues or problems solved. You list them but do not explain them. The explanation will be reserved for the analysis and discussed when answering the questions. I.e., identifying the main issues/problems in the case. Your answer is worth 2 points. 

To adequately Answer the assigned case questions, students need to:

1.  answer the questions using details and data from the case to support the analysis. (I.e., was the analysis persuasive?) Were opinions kept separate from the facts? (12 points)  

2.  use financial and/or marketing information and/or charts to support answers, undertake additional research and used it in the analysis. (2 extra points)

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