HCCS Operations Management Paper


This research assignment will focus on three things: 1) recognizing the importance of strategy as the starting point for all decisions in an organization and identifying the three competitive strategies  2) identifying the dimensions of four global operational strategies and 3) review of the 10 strategic operations decisions using a practical example of how the decision areas are applied in an organization.   

After reviewing the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plUMEFSZAI0 )and reading the case information on page 25 and 55 of your textbook, submit a document of no more than two typed pages  with the following information for Hard Rock Cafe.

1) Define the three competitive strategies in the text (pages 37- 39) and discuss the strategy changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Cafe since it was founded in 1971.

2) Identify the global strategy of Hard Rock Cafe based on the four international strategies described on page 49.

3) Describe how each of the 10 OM strategies is applied at Hard Rock Cafe. Not all of the ten areas are clearly defined in the video.  In this case, present what you believe would be a strategy based on your personal experience at restaurants. Reference the 10 decision areas descriptions in the textbook and think through what would be required.   For example, in the video they talk about maintenance and repair of the memorabilia.  Think beyond the memorabilia.

4) Briefly describe two ways how the 10 OM stategies are different when applied to a service operation like Carnival Cruise or Hard Rock Cafe  versus a products manufacturing company like Procter & Gamble?

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