How are the cerebrum and cerebellum similar?

The cerebrum comprises the largest part of the brain and the cerebellum is the little brain.

The cerebrum comprises the largest part of the brain. It lies on top of the brainstem. It is considered to be the “new brain” or neocortex.

The cerebrum is the newest structure in the phylogenetic sense, with mammals having the largest and best-developed structures among all . The cerebral cortex is present only in mammals.

The cerebrum directs the conscious motor functions of the body, the primary sensory receive and process from our senses, speech and language, factual memory formation and short term memory.

The cerebellum (little brain) has been implicated in the regulation of many differing functional traits such as affection, emotion and behavior.

There is considerable evidence that the cerebellum plays an essential role in some types of motor learning. The posterior cerebellum has activation linked to happiness.

The cerebellum is found in many fish and amphibians.

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