What are the basic building blocks of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides?

see explanation below

are made up of amino acids (descent explanation is given here http://socratic.org/questions/what-monomers-are-proteins-made-of-what-is-the-structure-of-the-monomer-that-mak156995)

constitutes fatty acids and glycerol are main components (follow this link http://socratic.org/questions/what-are-lipids?source=search for better understanding)

polysaccharides are made of simple sugars like glucose, fructose, etc., [try this link it is descent enough to give basic ides of polysaccharides http://www.pua.edu.eg/PUASite/uploads/file/Physical%20Therapy/Courses/Fall%202013/PTBA%20105/polyscharides.ppt]

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