The following work is another student answer to wish i have to react. Please ad some other extra information related to what the student post. APA LESS THAN 20 % SIMILARITY. What are three questions y

The following work is another student answer to wish i have to react. Please ad some other extra information related to what the student post. APA LESS THAN 20 % SIMILARITY.

What are three questions you should ask yourself when you begin your job search?

· Is the opportunity in my area of experience? Does this organization have a place for planting? Am I willing to settle on?


What are the most common mistakes people make in preparing theirrésumés?

· Frequent errors individuals do while planning their resumes are grammatical mistakes, sending your resume, overlooking key phrases, and being extremely verbose or too imprecise.


What should you know about your prospective employer before the job interview?

· I must keep in my if the company has lately passed through a merger, an improvement. Data from current or retired workers are important and may give me further aspects of whether the company might be fitting for me. Additionally, I should examine a model of the organization’s mission report.


What should the interviewee try to achieve during a job interview? What should you look for? What red flags should you watch for?

· The interviewer tries to accomplish getting the worker’s attention and getting to know if the job is convenient for both the interviewee and the owner. I should see for how trained the interviewer is, and for any problem.

The signs I should watch for are:

· several turnovers in the job.

· A recently formed job without a definite plan

· An institution without development

· A job that is not achievable for someone who just graduated.


What can you do in advance to prepare for the changes during the first year of employment?

· Ratify the right characters and set your expectations. Conduct a good impression and develop productive connections. Improve organizational understanding. improve the abilities and understanding of the situation.


Create your own SWOT analysis. How would you respond to your personal strengths and weaknesses if you were a prospective employer? How can you enhance your strengths and improve in areas of weakness?

· If I were a considered employer I would be satisfied by my powers that includes 3 years on the medical field as a medical assistant and 2 years as RN, excellent communication abilities and experience, My knowledge in presenting the very personal quality of attending my patients by obeying doctor demands, utilizing analytical thinking and instruction. My principal weakness will be my insecurity in thinking that I am not capable to complete a task without making a mistake, so I work hard to sustain that fear.


Draw a career path for yourself, beginning with the present year and extending to the age of retirement. Be sure to include any “twists and turns” of the path you expect to experience along the way and any barriers you expect to encounter. How will you handle these experiences?


Do an online nationwide search for information about current job prospects in nursing. Compare opportunities in various regions of the country. Why do you think these opportunities are the same or different?

· The possibilities for a new RN graduate in diverse regions of the country are very difficult. Companies may favor candidates who have some associated work experience. Several will demand at least 1 year of experience while others require a BSN diploma. Throughout my investigation, I discovered that education hospitals, such as Jackson Hospital, Mercy hospital in Miami, that hire new RN grads. The best way is to continually seek for jobs that are willing to hire new grads.


Develop a list of questions that you should ask a potential employer. What “homework” will you need to do to prepare for an interview?

· What class of person are you interested in?

· What is this job’s main ability?

· What is the possibility for improvements?

· What is this job’s salary?


How are promotion and advancement handled within the organization?

  • Getting ready for an interview, the preparation I would perform to investigate the organization’s purpose description and goals, get to know about important individuals in the company, amount of patients and workers, varieties of services given, status in the area, and additional knowledge.


Castek, K. (2012). Four of the Common Resume Mistakes, retrieved from

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