In a total of five (minimum) to six pages (maximum), not including the title page or reference page, address 2 of the 3 prompts below.  Although some information can be found in your textbook, this

In a total of five (minimum) to six pages (maximum), not including the title page or reference page,


2 of the 3

prompts below

.  Although some information can be found in your textbook, this  assignment may require you to look up more information and details about  alcohol, tobacco, and drug use specific to your college campus. Please  use and reference any statistics, facts, or examples that you may find.  Real examples work the best including personal experience; however, if  you do not have one, you can create a scenario as appropriate.  Please  note, if you do not either use an example or create a scenario, then the  assignment is less applicable to a real-world situation and this could  affect your grade.

You must answer

all parts of the questions

with  no errors to receive full credit.  Use APA format, double-space,  include a title page, page numbers on the top right corner, and please  use correct spelling and grammar.  As always,

I DO count off for spelling and grammar errors

, so be careful and proofread your work before submitting. Please include both prompts in the same document.

Prompt 1:

Alcohol Use on College Campuses

Alcohol use is prevalent on college campuses. Many college students  participate in binge drinking and other drinking competitions that can  be dangerous and even fatal. Address the following questions on alcohol  use in college:

  • What are some of the most common negative consequences college students experience as a result of drinking?
  • Why do students tolerate the negative behaviors of students who have been drinking?
  • How can you avoid drinking amounts of alcohol that will affect your judgment and jeopardize your safety?
  • If you see a friend having too many drinks at a party, what actions  could you take to make sure he or she is safe and responsible?
  • Are there particular traditions or norms related to when and why students drink on your campus?

Prompt 2:

Tobacco Use on College Campuses

Cigarette smoking among college students has decreased since the late  1990’s. While this trend is important to note, college students are  often influenced by the media and their peers to engage in tobacco use  including smoking cigarettes. In an effort to reduce smoking, many  college campuses have implemented smoke-free policies on campus. Address  the following questions on tobacco use on college campuses:

  • Have you noticed a change in the number of students on your campus who smoke?
  • What do you think are their reasons for smoking? What keeps them from quitting?
  • Do you think restrictions on smoking are fair? Why or why not?
  • What are the tobacco use or smoking policies on your campus?
  • How would you change the tobacco use or smoking policies on your campus?

Prompt 3:

Drug Use on College Campuses

Students use and abuse drugs for a variety of different reasons  including, but not limited to curiosity, social norms, stress, sorority  and fraternity membership, and family history of addiction. In a study  of drug use among full time college students, over 50% had used some  type of illicit drug. Address the following questions on drug use on  college campuses:

  • How common is drug use and abuse on your college campus?
  • What types of drug treatment and recovery programs are available for students on your campus?
  • What strategies does your campus use to prevent drug use and abuse on campus?
  • If your campus does not currently have any strategies to prevent  drug use and abuse campus, what would you recommend for programs or  services?
  • Do you think there is such a thing as responsible use of illicit drugs?

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