Witch of the following is not true of exocytosis? A. Results in hormone secretion B. Does not require energy imput C. Allows waste matter to be expelled D. occurs at the plasma membrane

B. Doest not require energy input,
Is not true about exocytosis.

Exocytosis as the name implies is the moving out of components from the interior of the cell, to its exterior.
A. Hormones are actually released from the cells via exocytosis, wherein they are packed into vesicles and these vesicles fuse with the plasma membrane and release their contents to the cell’s exterior.
C. Exocytosis is also used for expelling cellular waste.
D. The release of vesicle contents occur at the plasma membrane.
B. The vesicle formation and priming required ATP- adenosine triphosphate for packaging and release of contents at the plasma membrane.

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