All I need is the Marketing Mix part and the Organizing Exhibits on the attached file. I need it asap please.

All I need is the Marketing Mix part and the Organizing Exhibits on the attached file. I need it asap please.

All I need is the Marketing Mix part and the Organizing Exhibits on the attached file. I need it asap please.
Controls and Exhibits Control Environmental Analysis The environmental analysis of a marketing plan assesses the responses to the developed marketing plan. Corporate responses are classified into three different areas such as corporate behavior or social obligation, social responsibility, and social responsiveness (Sethi, n.d). The external environment is where time is divided from the beginning of the problem to the solution is reached and consists of four different categories: before the problem, identification of the problem, the solution of the problem, and prevention of the problem (Sethi, n.d). ECRH environmental analysis for the marketing plan will evaluate patient satisfaction in the different areas the goals for the new marketing plan set. These scores will be determined based on the following questions How was your experience with your provider? Were you treated with kindness and respect? Was the facility clean? Where you able to make an appointment when needed? Did you know what to do when if you have questions? The environment control is the atmosphere the patients feel when coming into the facility and how they perceive their experience. Utilizing evaluations of patient satisfaction will measure how the environment of ERCH affects the patients and if the service problems have resolved along with how to improve the environment for the patients and coworkers. Threats The threats for the ERCH marketing plan are both external and internal. External threats: BMC the other healthcare organization Negative brand image from the closure of the ACH, behavioral facility, and the lawsuit for predatory collections Internal threats: Low quality of care Aging physicians needing to retire Low patient satisfaction Payor mix deterioration The need and plan to address both internal and external threats have been included in the marketing plan and goals. Environmental Analysis This section is devoted to the environmental analysis. Exhibits Market Data Exhibits Marketing data is a sum of collected information that is collected from a variety of different accessible points and interactions between the consumer and the organization as a brand (MTS Staff Writer, 2020). ECRH has established its goals in the rebranding of services for women as well as the recruitment of new physicians to replace those who are reaching the age of retirement. ECRH will need to see how their marketing strategies are working and how those strategies are doing in converting marketing content into loyal customers. One way this can be done is through the use and implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. A CRM system uses technology to track an organizations marketing information to collect data on the number of emails opened, how many of those clicks lead to making appointments, or conversion rates, and track lead generations along with many other data gathering techniques (MTS Staff Writer, 2020). The generation of exhibits and reports reflecting this data collected will help the marketing team at ECRH know what portions of the marketing plan are leading to more customers, and which portions of the plan will need to be changed or removed all together. This is valuable data that will help the longevity of a marketing plan function in a continuous fashion. Value Analysis Exhibits Value analysis is a well thought out way to enhance business efficiency and the effectiveness of operational logistics (Chron Contributor, 2020). The value analysis exhibits are made up of the breaking down of everyday processes into smaller components that have the ability to be improved. Once broken down they can be measured to know if they are worth being improved or if the process should be removed all together (Chron Contributor, 2020). ECRH will use the value analysis exhibits in their operational management to better enhance their service delivery to create longevity in their patients returning for continued care throughout their lifetime. For the purposes of ECRH in using value analysis one example of the use of these procedures would be in the woman’s services improvement. Instead of looking at the service as a whole it would be broken down and looked at in a variety of ways. Waiting times, customer survey reports, time spent in with a doctor, technology of tools used, accessibility to referrals, aftercare, etc. By looking at a single aspect of the company and breaking it into many different pieces it will lead to efficiency at ECRH in making minor changes with bigger positive outcomes without removing a new or improved service. Marketing Mix Exhibits This section is devoted to the marketing mix exhibits. Organizing the Exhibits This section is devoted to the marketing mix exhibits.

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