Medical Terminology Sheet for Integumentary System Skin: cutane/o,…

QuestionAnswered step-by-stepMedical Terminology Sheet for Integumentary System Skin: cutane/o,…Medical Terminology Sheet for Integumentary System  Skin: cutane/o, dermat/o, derm/o Sebaceous Glands: seb/o Sweat Glands: hidr/oHair: pil/i, pil/o Nails: onych/o, ungu/o   albino/o white -rrhea flow epi- on, upon, overaria connected with seb/o sebum intra- withinalopec baldness sclera/o hard per- throughblephar eyelid urtic rash sub- under, belowbi/o pertaining to life xer/o dry -opsy view ofchrom color Don’t Forget Words      crypt hidden -ous pertaining to    epitheli epithelial tissue -osis abnormal condition    erythr/o red, flushed -ologist specialist    granul granular -plasty surgical repair    hirsut hairy -ism a condition or state of    kel growth or tumor -ia a condition or state of    kerat/o hard -phagia eating    koil hollow or concave par- alongside of    lip/o fat an without    melan/o black dys- bad, difficult    myc/o fungus -itis inflammation    oid resembling -oma tumor    papill resembling a nipple al pertaining to     pedicul/o lice -opsy view of    prurit itching trans- through or across    purpur purple -ectomy surgical removal of    phyma growth rhin nose    rhytid/o wrinkle -malacia softening    Instructions: Define the following terms using their roots/suffixes, and prefixes. Create and define 10 additional terms. Submit to the Canvas Drop Box. Submissions must be handwritten. (note: this week’s terms need to be defined, use a medical dictionary)abrasion abscess bulla collagen contusion crustcyst ecchymosis   fissure histamine laceration   lesion  macule nevi nodule papule petechiae plaquepustule scale ulcer vesicle wheal eczema   Term Definition                                                                                                                         Instructions: Create and define 10 additional terms using the prefixes, roots, and suffixes from this week’s list.Term Prefix Root Suffix Definition                                                                                           Health ScienceScienceNursingPATHOLOGY NSG120Share Question

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