Exam : Caring for Older Adults: The Aging Process 1. All of the…

Question Answered step-by-step Exam : Caring for Older Adults: The Aging Process 1. All of the… Exam : Caring for Older Adults: The Aging Process1. All of the following are positive aspects of aging EXCEPT:Older adults tend to have a clear sense of their values and priorities.Older adults can make definite choices about how to use their time and energy.Older adults have greater freedom to pursue interests, to use time, to think, and to reflect.Chronological age always corresponds to a person’s feelings and behavior.2. True or False: Reminiscence provides the opportunity to remember and to relive past experiences during the grief process, and the best intervention that you can offer is to listen.TrueFalse3. Aging can lead to a disruption in nutrition due to:Increased sensitivity of the taste buds on the tongueEnhanced sense of taste that eliminates the need to use salt and sugarChanges in the bone structure of the jaw that affect how dentures fitIncreased sense of smell4. Some sociological changes that occur with aging include all of the following EXCEPT:The roles in one’s life change in NUMBERNegative emotions are experienced MORE oftenAttention to meaningful relationships INCREASESEffort is required to interact with others that was NOT required before due to sensory changes5. Knowing that death and dying is a natural part of the aging process, which of the following statements is TRUE?There are 2 major reactions or stages to death or dying, which have been identified as despair and anchoring.People ALWAYS experience each stage related to death and dying.Families and friends experience each stage related to death and dying EXACTLY like individuals who are dying experience them.Your role is to acknowledge older adults’ reactions to grief, loss, and death and support them.6. The psychological response to aging is negatively influenced by all of the following EXCEPT:Chronic and debilitating diseaseLoss of independent function and sense of purposeAnticipation of one’s own suffering and deathRest and relaxation that comes with retirement7. Skeletal changes due to aging include all of the following EXCEPT:Flattening of the spongy “cushion” between the vertebrae in the spineIncrease in height and more upright stanceBrittle bones that may break more easilyInflamed, stiff, or even deformed joints8. It may be MOST difficult for an older adult to recall:Their birthplaceWhat they had for dinner the previous eveningThe names of their childrenHow old they were when they got married9. True or False: With aging, the transmission of signals in the brain may be slower, which may affect the thinking process, sensation, movement, and memory recall.TrueFalse10. One effective method for coping with change is using:RecallRevisitationReminiscenceReminding Health Science Science Nursing BIO 151 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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