Situation 1 A 13-year-old girl confides to her parents that she is…

Question Answered step-by-step Situation 1 A 13-year-old girl confides to her parents that she is… Situation 1   A 13-year-old girl confides to her parents that she is 6 months pregnant after being raped by her brother. She would like to have an abortion.       Situation 2 The school health nurse is aware that an HIV-positive teenage boy remains sexually active. He is not using protection and he is not informing his sexual partners that he is HIV positive.       Situation 3 A 93-year-old patient confides to the critical care nurse that he has written advance directives that state his wishes to withhold mechanical ventilation. The patient’s wife insists that the patient does not have advance directives and must have been confused when he confided in the nurse. The wife emphatically informs the nurse that she wants the hospital staff to do everything possible to keep her husband alive.   1.) For each situation identify one (1) of the four (4) ethical principles that applies to the situation. Discuss why this principle would apply. (4 ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF NURSING AUTONOMY, BENEFICENCE, NONMALEFICENCE, FIDELITY AND JUSTICE)2.)Identify any personal values that would influence the way you thought about this situation.3.)For each situation identify legal consequences and discuss why this consequence would apply.4.) Identify one (1) Provision of the ANA Code of Ethic that would apply. Read the Interpretive Statement for your chosen provision and explain why it applies to the situation. Use a different provision for each scenario. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 1050 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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