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Question Answered step-by-step Menu View Discussion Module 08 Discussion – The Older Adult Module… ×MenuView DiscussionModule 08 Discussion – The Older AdultModule 08 Discussion – The Older AdultDiscussion TopicActivity Time:2 hours; Additional Time for Study, Research, and Reflection: 1 hourDirections:****If you are in clinical, you will not post anything in blackboard, your discussion & responses will occur in your clinical group & your clinical instructor will notify your didactic instructor of the grade you earned during the discussion. IF you do not attend clinical for some reason or your clinical rotation has finished or not started yet, you will post your initial discussion post here in blackboard, your instructor will ask you a question(s) regarding your post, and you will reply, thus fulfilling the response section of the assignment****A nurse at the local Senior Center made the following notation about a client: A 74-year-old female client wearing eyeglasses with bifocal lenses and hearing aid in her left ear. Walks with a shuffling gait, using a cane for support. Wearing house slippers and housedress. States, “My other doctor says I should have my eyes looked at by an expert. It’s been a while, and my eyes seem to be acting up lately. I can’t see so good anymore.” The client states that she takes medication for “sugar” and her blood pressure and has worn glasses for years with the last prescription changed about 3 years ago. “I was a seamstress for many years and quit when I couldn’t see to thread the needles anymore-just in time too. These new materials are too hard to work with!” Denies using any eye drops. Describes vision changes as difficulty seeing well at night, especially if trying to read. Uses a magnifying glass to help when reading. No eye pain or discharge, although eyes sometimes feel “dry and scratchy,” with the left eye being worse than the right. Admits to rubbing eyes but without relief.Develop a Plan of Care for this patient that includes:2 Nursing Diagnosis2 goals for each Nursing DiagnosisInterventions with rationales. Include 1 reference and citationResponse should be at least 200 wordsInclude 1 reference and citation Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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