Do you agree on this ideas ? and explain why you agree ? A world…

Question Answered step-by-step Do you agree on this ideas ? and explain why you agree ? A world…  Do you agree on this ideas ? and explain why you agree ? A world without rules and regulations would lead to people doing whatever they want or deem necessary. While we all want to believe in the truth of all humans doing what is the best for society especially those in healthcare, that is not always the case. Rules and regulations keep people accountable and give a precedence for consequences to be held for those who do not adhere to these rules and regulations. I’m in the Army, and in the Army we have things called SOP’s or standard operating procedures. They are very similar to rules and regulations as they both serve as a guide in how to approach a situation and how to react and what to do in certain circumstances. Adhering to rules and regulations as well as SOP’s give a baseline for everyone to follow and set a standard of the expectation for all those who are in the career. Without this baseline, chaos ensues. Chaos in the Army leads to unnecessary death of soldiers, similarly I would imagine that chaos in healthcare would lead to the same thing. When everyone is not on the same page in what is the standard, it is a sort of free for all where people do what they feel is right. While we all want to believe that we are doing the right thing, having these rules and regulations in healthcare ensure a standard of safe practice and safety of patients that is necessary to save lives.  Health Science Science Nursing ENGLISH 110 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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