Question Answered step-by-step COMMUNITY CLINICAL ALTERNATE – CASE STUDY You are working as a… COMMUNITY CLINICAL ALTERNATE – CASE STUDY You are working as a Community Health Nurse in a Primary Care Center 18-year-old female came to the primary health center with h/o vaginal discharge x 1month. Patient had GYN examination and pap smear and diagnosed with HPV (Human papilloma virus) Past medical history:DM type 1 on insulin, ADHD, anxiety disorder, mild depression, suicidal ideation noted by PMD in the last visit to the clinic (patient is on antidepressant). H/O sexual abuse as a child Social history- Single, live with her parentsDrug use- Marijuana use x 4 years- use dailyAlcohol – binge drinking on weekendsSexual history – Multiple sex partners for the last 3 yearsReproductive history- pregnancy x 5 times- D&C 5 times for termination of pregnancy 1, Plan of care for this patient: Include all medical problems identified- 20%2, What are STDs – 10%3, How do you treat HPV (human papilloma virus). Include HPV vaccination schedule. How to include sex partners in the treatment program- 10 %4, What are the referrals needed for this patient, include the facilities available near her house.  Use websites and give address to her (patient lives in Hempstead). What is the best birth control method for her (patient is using abortion as birth control now)? 10 % Health Science Science Nursing NURS 421 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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