1.Density of Water: Mass of 100-mL grad cylinder + water…

Question 1.Density of Water: Mass of 100-mL grad cylinder + water… 1. Density of Water:            Mass of 100-mL grad cylinder + water               _______________             Mass of empty 100-mL grad cylinder                 _______________             Mass of water used                                           _______________                Density of water                                               _______________Get your results and calculations checked before moving on.  2. Crime SolverIf you were reporting forensic results in court, you would want to be sure of your results. What is one easy way to increase the certainty of your results and ensure a mistake in your measurement did not influence your match? (Assume lake data is well known.) Forensic Sample ID                                          _______________Mass of 10-mL grad cyl + Forensic Sample       _______________Mass of empty 10-mL graduated cylinder          _______________Mass of Forensic Sample used                           _______________Volume of Forensic Sample used                      _______________Density of Forensic Sample                               _______________Location of drowning                                       _______________          3. Density of a Solid              If you had a piece of your unknown solid that weighed 5.00 g, what would its volume be in cm3?                       Solid ID #                                                         _______________              Mass of solid                                                    _______________             Volume in 25-mL grad cylinder w/solid & water _______________             Volume in 25-mL grad cylinder w/water only    _______________             Volume of solid                                                _______________             Density of solid                                                _______________ 4.  Flame Tests (don’t burn stick!  Rinse in sink and reuse):  Record the observed characteristic flame      colors:                          Ca        ________________                 Na         ________________                         Cu        ________________                  *K        ________________                         Sr         ________________                  *Ba    _____________________Additional instructions from the student:Measurements & Flame Tests Objectives To introduce students to scientific measurements for length, mass, and volume commonly taken in the chemistry lab To help students understand precision and accuracy when taking measurements To review significant figures with calculations To learn the calculated measurement, density To observe characteristic flame colors for various metal compounds Pre-lab Exercises Review information about making measurements with the proper number of significant figures. Review information about doing calculations with the correct number of significant figures. Review information about the density equation. Answer the Pre-lab Exercises on the lab report sheet prior to coming to lab.This is complete question. Health Science Science Nursing MATHS 238 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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