Urinary Case Study Ms. Sadie Basset is a 52-year-old African…

Question Answered step-by-step Urinary Case Study Ms. Sadie Basset is a 52-year-old African… Urinary Case StudyMs. Sadie Basset is a 52-year-old African American female who arrives at the Metropolitan Women’s Clinic complaining of itching, burning, and frequency of urination. She tells Louise Lo, RN, “I feel like I have to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I’m just miserable. I’m burning all the time, and I have tenderness here.” (She points to her lower abdominal area.) Ms. Basset states that sometimes she feels a sharp abdominal pain and a sudden urge to urinate. On a few of these occasions, she has had difficulty getting to the bathroom on time and has even had a few “accidents.” Ms. Lo asks if Ms. Basset has any illnesses. Ms. Basset reports that she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus a few weeks ago.After the interview, Ms. Lo performs a physical assessment. Blood pressure is 106/82, pulse 68, respirations 20, and temperature 101.2°F. Abdomen is flat and soft. Bowel sounds are active and present in all four quadrants. The patient complains of tenderness over the suprapubic area on palpation. The urinary meatus is red and edematous with no apparent discharge. Induration of the urinary meatus is noted on palpation of the anterior vaginal wall. The urinary stream is strong and steady. The urine is dark yellow with a hint of blood. It is cloudy and has a strong, foul odor.Ms. Lo determines that there are four targets of concern for Ms. Basset: urge incontinence, pain, elevated temperature, and lack of knowledge. Answer in a few paragraphs:Identify the likely diagnosis for Ms. Basset and data that supports this diagnosis.What additional missing data is required to determine treatment for this patient?Describe a plan of care for Ms. Basset.What additional factors would put elderly patients at risk for urinary infections?Why is it important for the nurse to address the issue of urinary incontinence? Use at least 2 reputable outside sources (e.g., journal, website, etc.) to support your responses. Cite your sources using proper APA formatting for in-text and end reference citations. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 123 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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