Responds to classmate discussion post High-Risk of Adolescent…

Question Answered step-by-step Responds to classmate discussion post High-Risk of Adolescent… Responds to classmate discussion post High-Risk of Adolescent Pregnancy   Adolescent pregnancy is viewed as high risk because of their level of maturity sometimes they tend to seek prenatal care later than adult pregnancy mothers. They are at risk for developing high blood pressure during pregancy, STI, mental illness, and anemia are some of the diseases they develop. Which can lead to preterm labor. They tend to have infants who are below normal weight. They are at high risk for smoking, drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Teenage pregnancies can cause a significant problem with teenagers dropping out of school, they tend to have low-income jobs.  They put a financial burden on their parents. At times they put a burden on the state in regards to financial assistance to care for their child.  The teenager is at risk for being a single mother.  (Nall R, 2016)   Health Science Science Nursing NRS- 434VN Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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