Can you please check on the comments that are underlined and add…

Question Answered step-by-step Can you please check on the comments that are underlined and add… Can you please check on the comments that are underlined and add some more words to it . Thank You!Final1 to 4FacultyStudentFocusing on the impact of Illness and wellness on a variety of selected populations, the student completing                 NURS 4338 will be able to:Patient-Centered Care  1. Provide patient care appropriate to level of knowledge and skill in compliance with clinical agency policy and procedure  42. Effectively assess levels of physical and emotional comfort 43. Synthesize   pathophysiology of patient conditions and associated pharmacological interventions, integrating understanding of physical and emotional support    44. Demonstrate caring behaviors, modifying interventions to address actual and anticipatory physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort, pain, and/or suffering  45. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and respect for diverse patients/families in promoting health and maintenance in the health care setting  46. Advocate for and include the patient and family as the center of the caregiving team, seeing through the patient’s eyes when setting and modifying care goals  47. Engage patients and families in discharge planning throughout the hospital stay that includes evidence-based strategies with attention to health literacy, using language that learners can understand to prevent avoidable readmissions.  48. Evaluate effectiveness of patient and family teaching and modify plan of care as needed  4I was able to do bed side pt care in my 7 days in my clinical. I was able to effectively assess levels of physical and emotional comfort.and demonstrate cultural senseitivity.Teamwork and Collaboration  9. Analyses scope of practice and roles of healthcare team members and delegates appropriately 410. Demonstrates effective communication used by the interdisciplinary team  411. ** Recognize changing patient condition and communicate changes in patient status to the Interprofessional team in a timely manner using standardized SBAR framework in the clinical and simulation setting  412. Engage patient and family in a collaborative relationship by asking for and respecting their input and providing relevant information, resources, access, and support  413. Reflect on own communication style and impact on teamwork and safe patient care 414. Initiate requests for assistance from colleagues when appropriate to situation  415. Provide assistance to colleagues to complete work efficiently when appropriate  4I was able to learn to communicate and help each other for a better pt oucome. In my clinial experience I learned that the development of partnerships to achieve best possible outcomes that reflect the particular needs of the patient, family, or community, requiring an understanding of what others have to offer.Evidence-Based Practice  16. Describe evidence-based practice to include components of research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient/family values  417. Identify how clinical practice incorporates the principles and priorities of the program’s models: (Jean Watson’s)Theory of Caring to clinical nursing practice  4Comments:I was able to learn and practice  listening to patients, seeing the person behind the disease, paying attention to what they themselves are doing moment to moment.   18. Recognize and communicate variations in care of nurse sensitive indicators: ie: pressure injury prevention; UTI from urinary catheters; central line infection; etc  419. Discuss the effect of nursing interventions on patient outcomes  4Comments: I saw that it is crutial to  prevent infection by washing hand, caping iv lines ,putting date on the iv tubes.And also turning pt every 2 hr and keeping pt skin intergration. Safety  20. Continuously assess the health care agency, home, and/or community environment to determine patient safety needs  421. Employ effective strategies to improve organization/time management and ability to prioritize. 422. ** Perform safe, timely medication administration in the clinical and simulation setting 423. **Perform clinical procedures with increasing proficiency at the expected level of knowledge and skill of a nursing student  424. Demonstrate effective strategies to reduce risk of harm to self or others through both system effectiveness and individual performance (ie: 2 patient identifiers, independent double checks)  425. Support a Culture of Safety by communicating concerns related to hazards and errors without engaging in blaming behaviors  4Comments:  I was able to practice what I learn in school in practicing ABC. one of my pt oxygen saturation was going below 85% every 15 min so we have to increase oxygen up to 14 L until pt > we were giving that pt priority  and check him every 15 min untile that pt is stable. Informatics/Technology  26. Utilize the electronic health record to obtain information and document responses to care where appropriate in the clinical and simulation setting  327. **Protect privacy, confidentiality, and security of electronic health records data, information, and knowledge of technology in an ethical manner 328. Utilize available technology and information management tools appropriately to support clinical reasoning that reinforces safe processes of care  3Comments: Documenting  and charting was my of my weakness but after these clinical shift, I was able to to gain confidence and able to chart independntly under my preceptor supervision.Leadership/Professionalism  29. Demonstrate core professional values (caring, altruism, autonomy, integrity, human dignity, and social justice)  430. Accept constructive feedback and co-develop a plan of action for improvement with instructor/faculty member  431. Maintain a positive attitude and interact with inter-professional team members, faculty, and fellow students in a professional manner  432. Arrive to clinical experiences at assigned times maintaining an appropriate professional appearance  433. Assume accountability for professional behavior during the clinical experience and perform within ethical/legal norms, discussing dilemmas arising from care for patients  434. Assume responsibility for educational experiences by seeking opportunities to learn  435. Comply with the ANA Code of Ethics (2015), Standards of Practice, and policies and procedures of UT School of Nursing, and clinical agencies  436. Accept responsibility and accountability for nursing interventions, treatment outcomes, and the changes that occur during the provision of care  4I was lucky enough to have a great preceptor who gave me very constructive feedback and teach me how to manage my time.I had hand on experience on most of my clinical experience. Mastery clinical skills  37.  Completes Essentail Clinical Skills for this course.  (May completed in clinical setting and/or in Skills Lab.)  This is scored as either a 4 or 0.  4                                                                                 Totals#DIV/0!3.9                                               Grade#DIV/0!98   Comments (Address Strengths and weaknesses: Include plan for any area of deficiency)  Overall, it was a very good experience.I was able to experience how to manage 12 hr shift and keep up with medication and charting at the same time. I still need to worA59:C91k managing my time and giving my pt a good patient care.Student SignatureDate Faculty SignatureDate          Health Science Science Nursing NURS 4339 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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